Collections of tribal simplicity. Fasten free fashion, this is the MERCI ME tribal way of dressing to create a beautiful yet powerful aesthetic.

W H A T   I N S P I R E D   I T?

2016 saw an important shift in the label. The first collection that that did not use any zips, buttons or western fastenings.

For this collection, Mercy’s continued exploration for the collection took her on an inward journey through a realisation of her own duality; a tribal background (Northern Uganda, Luo) and diaspora life (London raised). Conflicted by this duality, she intended to stay true to her heritage, what she discovered defined the way Luo people dressed. That they mostly tied their cloth.

Decidedly this would become the brand’s identity. Not forgetting that her identity had evolved with the addition of London living she could not ignore this as a point of inspiration too. In the marriage of the two, Mercy created a stunning interpretation of tribal dress in a first world context; and so MERCI ME has become the embodiment of an African woman raised in London.

Using the distinct absence of strict tailoring, a rudimental way to fasten, bold cuts/structures, and fine fabric she has re-imagined tribe as a practical and beautiful way of dressing. Billowing slip-on dresses make for grand entrances, while draped silk capes allude to a tribal luxury. We see well thought out tie mechanisms – which in the absence of zips and buttons make for interesting shapes and a non-dictatorial approach to dressing. On first glance simple and formidable pieces but in depth a simplistic ode to tribalism, movement and freedom.

It is, in addition, a sure-fire way to embed empowerment. The freedom of a tying technique lends to even more personal style, expression and a real sense individualism. It is no wonder that style distinction and beautiful statements embody the essence of the label…hopeful to create personal style languages hard to ignore.

But despite the inspiration, at the core of this brand is Mercy’s constant desire to make a visual and lasting impact through expression, structure and movement when MERCI ME is worn.

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