Spring Summer 2016

A collection of tribal simplicity. Without any fastenings this collection uses a very rudimental way of dressing (through tying and wrapping) to create a beautiful yet powerful aesthetic.

This collection is an important shift in the label. This is the first collection that will not use any zips, buttons or western fastenings. Everything is either simply worn, draped or tied.

For spring summer 2016, Mercy’s continued exploration for the collection took her on an inward journey through a realisation of her own duality; a tribal background (Northern Uganda, Luo) and diaspora life (London raised). The marriage of the two has created a stunning interpretation of her perspective of tribal dress in a first world context; this collection is a sartorial embodiment of an African woman raised in London.

Focusing heavily on tribal dress (including her own tribe) Mercy found through her research, the distinct absence of tailoring and almost always a rudimental way to fasten. Using this as a focal point she has re-imagined tribe as a practical and beautiful way of dressing in the western world. By using simple fastening techniques coupled with bold cuts and fine western fabrics (cotton twill, silk twills, crepe de chine and Dupion).

Billowing dresses make for grand entrances, while draped silk capes allude to a tribal luxury. This collection we see an introduction to tie mechanisms – which in the absence of zips and buttons make for interesting shapes and a non dictatorial approach to dressing. On first glance a simple and formidable ready to wear collection but in depth a simplistic ode to tribalism, movement and freedom.

This season also sees an inherent empowerment granted by personal expression and  so real individualism; the freedom of technique allows for this. As always style distinction and beautiful sartorial statements embody the essence of the label as well as this collection. Hopeful to create a style language hard to ignore.

We see that despite her inspirational direction, at the core of this brand is Mercy’s constant desire to make a visual and lasting impact through structure and movement when MERCI ME is worn.